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Featured Game Cover Atari Adventure

Every month, DREAM features a unique game from its vast collection. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about the game and its unique features prior to visiting the museum.

May’s featured game, Adventure, was published by the console’s developer, Atari, Inc. Inspired by a computer text game, Colossal Cave Adventure, Adventure was originally released in 1979. Individuals interested in the origins of Adventure are encouraged to visit Thy Dungeonman, an excellent tongue-in-cheek example.

The original adventure game, Adventure paved the way for classics like the Zelda and Metroid series. Including the unique ability to carry and manage an inventory; utilizing this inventory was necessary to progress through the game. Items included keys, a sword, bridges, and a chalice. Additionally, Adventure is remembered by many gamers for its “duck” dragons as well as having the first widely known Easter egg (a hidden item left by the game’s designer). In this particular case, the Easter egg was a screen that read, “Created by Warren Robinett”. Atari did not allow authors to credit their work, so Robinett secretly hid his message within the game.

The game itself made use of mirror imaging. This made for confusing mazes that, to this day, are difficult to navigate. Three dragons (Yorgle, Grundle, and Rhindle) and a black bat prowl Adventure’s mazes. Yorgle, the yellow dragon, will guard the chalice whenever he finds it, but is afraid of the golden key. Grundle, the green dragon, protects the magnet, bridge, black key, and the chalice. Finally, Rhindle, the red dragon, is the quickest and guards the white key and the chalice. The bat steals items, depositing them throughout the mazes. Often taking the very item you’re carrying, this can result in trading a sword for a dragon! Luckily, the game had one more innovation, the first use of “continues”. All items are left in place when you die, hopefully it’s some place useful!

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