The Room

So, the room is more or less complete:

Comfy couch – Check
TV mounted – Check
Organized game collection – Check
Place to house all of the controllers – Check
Gigabit networking – Check
“Cool” diffuse lighting behind the couch- Check

Sure, there’s still stuff to do. The TV cables are a mess. They will eventually go in the wall, but I still don’t have a surround sound receiver, so there really is no point yet. The receiver will go on a pair of shelves with the record player to the left of the media cabinet (which holds all of the pre-2000 games). The HTPC/gaming PC will go in the lower 2 shelves of the media cabinet’s center section, but I need to order a new door from TAP Plastic. Oh, and only one of the speakers has been painted, but that’s OK because I still don’t have the surrounds or the sub yet either. No hurry here. Having fun.

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