Newest Items

In October we acquired an XBox 360 Slim and Kinect to ensure that both our original XBox 360 Zephyr, as well as our bodies, continue to operate properly.  XBox 360 games picked up at this time included Forza Motorsports 4: Essentials Edition, Skyrim (a download which I will be selling, giving away to someone), Kinect Adventures, and Just Dance 4.  We also managed to get Resident Evil 6 (PS3), some 6000 Wii Points (more on this later), and Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

November saw the launch of the Wii U.  After picking it up at the midnight launch (my first -not as fun as I thought it would be), I waited in line at Old Navy at their Black Friday midnight sale to get the last copy of New Super Mario Bros. U at our location (only because of the nice person ahead of us).  Unfortunately, Wii points don’t buy Wii U downloads.  Oh well.

December saw Odama ($0.01 new from Amazon with $5.80 in S&H!), Full Spectrum Warrior (needed to reach the $25 limit for free shipping from Amazon on some Christmas presents), Zombie U, a fully-paid pre-order of Aliens: Colonial Marines (Wii U), Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3), Dishonored (x360), the Last Story (with art book), and Fatal Fury for the MVS.

Speaking of the MVS, I was able to locate an MV-1F on eBay for a reasonable price.  Initially I plan to consolize it in the least destructive manner possible.  I plan on get a UniBIOS and (hopefully) Neobitz component output.

And then there was TV…

After decades of storage, we finally have a location where our small collection can come out and see the sunshine (figuratively, of course). A place where we can sit down and pull out any game from any system without hours of searching for power supplies and controllers through countless boxes in numerous closets. Now everything is easily organized and displayed. The TV is in place, the couch is in place, and only a few projects are left. The older consoles still need to be organized (but the games and controllers are already in easy to access locations), the curtains are up, and the speakers are being painted to match the room!