Meet the Defenders

Our Mission

As the "Curator" of Defend the Monkey, I received my first console somewhere in the 1984 to 1986 timeframe. It was the Atari 7800 ProSystem you see here. It was a replacement to our family's 2600, which had recently broken. From there, things kind of took off. Next came the NES, Sega Master System, Genesis,...

Anyways, our mission, here at Defend the Monkey, is to preserve console gaming. You will notice that compared to many "hard-core" gamers, the number of games per console isn't particularly impressive. And compared to your average collector, the total number of consoles is rather small. The list is always growing, but there is no drive to be the biggest or best. The goal is about preserving and enjoying what is here.

Most of the games in the collection were purchased to play, not to complete a collection or to gather high-value games. Many games are given to us. We (generally) keep all of those games in the collection because they represent that friend's complete personal collection. For instance, looking at the games in our Super NES collection, most of those were given to us. They represent that person's childhood, with all of thier saves and growth from the Lion King to Donkey Kong. The only games I have added were Super R-Type and Super Mario All Stars.

Please, look around, ask questions ,and enjoy.

Meet the Director

Director's Photo

Pennypacker first assumed "CEO" duties back in 2002. At that time, the collection, about half its current size, had no discernible cataloging and was in desperate need of a thorough inventory. Prior to joining the DtM team, Pennypacker had limited gaming experience. Since that time, she has developed a love and admiration for video games.

Responsible primarily for inventory, budgeting, and website maintenance, DtM's director, Ms. Pennypacker, is usually up to her eyes in new "finds". Each month, Pennypacker produces a detailed, line-item budget designed to guide all purchasing decisions. Pennypacker strives to keep the collection accurately inventoried and catalogued to ensure easy access. As the creator and original designer of the DtM website, Pennypacker maintains the site and responds to all visitor inquiries.

Meet the Curator

Curator's Photo

DtM's founder and curator, Mr. Art Vandelay began collecting video game consoles circa 1978. Since that time, Vandelay has amassed a sizeable collection of consoles and accessories. Some even worth something -kinda.

Vandelay's current duties include physically organizing the collection for display, purchasing, and maintaining all existing systems and equipment. Vandelay also serves as the collections's tour guide and docent and selects DREAM's featured game of the month.