The Room

Until recently, most gamerooms you would find online were what I could call "functional" rooms. They often looked like the inside of a GameStop or Mom and Pop game store. That is to say, they were brightly colored with memorabilia everywhere, cluttered with shevles full of awesome stuff, and horrifying to the non-gamer. I wanted something different. I wanted a room that would safely contain everything without feeling cluttered. I wanted a room that non-gamers would feel comfortable sitting in and watching a movie or chatting in, but was also conducive to gaming when friends came over. It had to keep everything safe and secure, free from UV light and dust, but still have everything easily accessible.

Starting with a spare room in the house (approximately 10 feet by 11 feet), I chose a color scheme. I went with grey with gloss white hard furniture and orange accents. I wanted something modern and slightly futuristic. Anyways, the pictures and posts below describe the room.


January 22, 2012

The Room

So, the room is more or less complete:

Comfy couch – Check
TV mounted – Check
Organized game collection – Check
Place to house all of the controllers – Check
Gigabit networking – Check
“Cool” diffuse lighting behind the couch- Check

Sure, there’s still stuff to do. The TV cables are a mess. They will eventually go in the wall, but I still don’t have a surround sound receiver, so there really is no point yet. The receiver will go on a pair of shelves with the record player to the left of the media cabinet (which holds all of the pre-2000 games). The HTPC/gaming PC will go in the lower 2 shelves of the media cabinet’s center section, but I need to order a new door from TAP Plastic. Oh, and only one of the speakers has been painted, but that’s OK because I still don’t have the surrounds or the sub yet either. No hurry here. Having fun.

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August 28, 2011

And then there was TV…

After decades of storage, we finally have a location where our small collection can come out and see the sunshine (figuratively, of course). A place where we can sit down and pull out any game from any system without hours of searching for power supplies and controllers through countless boxes in numerous closets. Now everything is easily organized and displayed. The TV is in place, the couch is in place, and only a few projects are left. The older consoles still need to be organized (but the games and controllers are already in easy to access locations), the curtains are up, and the speakers are being painted to match the room!


Neo Geo MV-1F

I will update the section below with details concerning the build-up of a CMVS (consolized MVS). A CMVS is an aracde Neo Geo motherboard converted into a desktop console. Because of the similarities between a Neo Geo AES and the MVS (Multi Video System), consolizing an MVS requires very little. Essentially, it needs the appropriate output (video and audio), and inputs (power, and control switches). Not much more is required.